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Heartland Home Developers, Inc
2285 Woodrow Kay Rd
Rockmart, GA 30153
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Heartland Home Developers Prices

We provide several tiers of pricing to let you choose the best price option for you. Below defines each tier to help make your decision easier.

Download our current 2017 price schedule. Updated 01/01/2017

Turnkey Pricing
Our crews do all site preparation, foundation, crane setting of the home on the foundation, completing all inside work such as carpeting, moldings, electrical, plumbing etc., basically we do everything. This puts the homeowner at ease to know that his dream is being completed with the least amount of effort on his part.
Assisted Owner Completion Program
This option offers the greatest amount of savings to the homeowner. We will do the site prep and foundation, since our homes need to be perfectly level and square. We will also provide the crane and set crew to set the house and dry it in. These costs are included in the estimated cost to finish, as shown on our price sheet. The owner will then complete the house as per the top paragraph of our price sheet and included in the estimated cost to finish. The owner may finish the house for less than the estimated cost to finish. We will assist as a consultant if needed.