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Clark Howard Report on System-Built Homes

Clark HowardA few years ago, Clark talked about a New Jersey man who decided after a trip to Scandinavia that he wanted a factory built home shipped to the United States and built on his lot. The 5500 square-foot and its parts cost about $600,000 and was assembled on-site. It was about one-third less than a traditional site built home and was more energy efficient. Today, according to the Wall Street Journal, top architects are now designing and building ultra high-end home that are built in a factory and then shipped to their final destination. Because of computer-aided design, architects can design much more interesting rooflines and exotic frames. Anytime you hear the word "factory", people think it's referring to trailer homes. But the truth is that these houses are much better built and more beautiful. Building houses on-site - or "stick building" - is much less efficient because of the coordination of workers and the often paltry construction work. As land for housing becomes more challenging and expensive, there has to be a way to build a better quality home for the money. You may turn your nose up at this idea. But if Clark were to build a home, he says, this is the way he would do it.